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Global TechPro is looking for bright, talented international college students willing to be challenged, ready to discover their future, and able to take on practical work-experience. We provide undergraduate and graduate students of all majors with an extraordinary opportunity to take a major step forward into the global society of the digital economy.

Gaining work experience in the U.S., in addition to your degree, may be very attractive to employers at home. The opportunity to engage in "practical training" is available to F-1 and most J-1 student visa holders. Practical training is an opportunity to work in the U.S. to gain experience relating to your field of study. The F-1 visa holder is eligible for 12 months of optional training. This may be taken following program completion, during summer vacation, and for graduate students following the conclusion of all course requirements. The paperwork involved in procuring practical training is handled by the administrative office of your school.

Join us to lead and succeed by gaining valuable work experience in the U.S.

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